Season 1 - Building the oasis

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood embark on their most personal journey yet to build the honky-tonk of their dreams in the heart of Nashville. Paying tribute to his roots, Garth enlists the help of his friends, day-one tour team, and an all-star hospitality group to open the epic, four-story bar on Lower Broadway. This is a labor of love and his 'thank you' to the community of Music City.

Blame It On All My Roots

Episode Recap

In Episode 1, Garth explains his vision for Friends in Low Places.

Growing up in a house full of music and encouragement from his parents and siblings, Garth soon realized that doing music for a living wasn’t so far-fetched.  He describes playing honky-tonks in the early days of his career.

Setting the Stage

Episode Recap

Episode 2 finds Garth setting the stage, literally, to bring the thrill and scale of his stadium shows to Friends in Low Places Bar and Honky-Tonk.  Enlisting the help of his tour production manager, stage designer, sound engineer, and lighting director—who have all toured with him for the last three decades--Garth installs the largest stage in any club on Lower Broadway.  

Setting The Table

Episode Recap

Trisha Yearwood steps forward in episode 3, overseeing the design of her 3rd -floor kitchen at Friends in Low Places and deciding which of her mouth-watering dishes will make it to the FILP menu.  

The Sevens Club

Episode Recap

Classy. Cool. Sexy. Timeless. These words describe the Sevens Club on the third floor of Friends in Low Places.  In episode 4, Garth, Trisha, and the Fab 4 create the elevated experience that this private space will offer.

Inspiration for the Sevens Club comes from old Las Vegas and Frank Sinatra.

Road to the Oasis

Episode Recap

In episode 5, the Friends in Low Places team races the clock to bring a tropical paradise to a rooftop on Lower Broadway.  With unobstructed bird's-eye views, palm trees, indoor and outdoor spaces, and the biggest rooftop in the Neon Neighborhood, the Oasis at FILP is THE spot to enjoy country music, cold beer, and a pina colada . . . or two! (one for each hand).

Full Circle

Episode Recap

In the final episode of Friends in Low Places: Building the Oasis, Garth, Trisha, and team celebrate the grand opening of FILP after working feverishly to put all the finishing touches in place for the big night.