The Sevens Club

Classy. Cool. Sexy. Timeless. These words describe the Sevens Club on the third floor of Friends in Low Places.  In episode 4, Garth, Trisha, and the Fab 4 create the elevated experience that this private space will offer.

Inspiration for the Sevens Club comes from old Las Vegas and Frank Sinatra.

“I’m a huge Sinatra fan,” Trisha says.  “I made an album of his music at Capitol Records in L.A. where he recorded, on his mic, with his engineer.  I also did a photo shoot at his house in Palm Springs, and I fell in love with the mid-century modern look.”

Focal points of the Sevens Club include a stunning fireplace and curved bar.  Episode 4 finds the team sampling and naming signature drinks that will wow the guests in this “different world” from the rest of Friends in Low Places and the rest of Lower Broadway.

Also in episode 4, Garth and Trisha get surprised by the local suppliers and builders, and the largest sign on Lower Broadway finds its place in the Neon Neighborhood.

You can follow the day-by-day building process on Amazon Prime's FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES build show, with a new episode airing every Thursday on Amazon Prime.

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