Setting the Stage

Episode 2 finds Garth setting the stage, literally, to bring the thrill and scale of his stadium shows to Friends in Low Places Bar and Honky-Tonk.  Enlisting the help of his tour production manager, stage designer, sound engineer, and lighting director—who have all toured with him for the last three decades--Garth installs the largest stage in any club on Lower Broadway.  But size isn’t its only impressive feature.  It’s retractable, and it contains an original piece of the stage from his famous Central Park concert that drew over a million people.“if you’re standing on this circle G here in the Friends in Low Places Bar, if this brings you comfort or not, I’m right there with you. If it’s your first time ever playing or your thousandth time playing, I think that makes it real special for me,” he explains.

The LED panels that fill the 100’ X 30’ wall behind the stage can enhance live performances at the honky-tonk, and they can also be configured to show multiple sporting events in multiple locations simultaneously.

In this episode,Garth also makes an executive decision about the food being served at FILP, bringing Trisha on as the executive “home cook” who will make sure that all his favorites are on the menu.

“America thinks of her as a chef, but she’s the first one to tell you she’s a home cook, and I think that’s exactly what Friends in Low Places needs,” Garth says.

“I can’t imagine this place being a Garth Brooks bar and honky-tonk without Trisha food!” Trisha exclaims.

Garth also meets with Chief John Drake and officers from the Metro Nashville Police Department to talk about turning the alley next to the bar, “where nothing good ever happens,” into a space that helps them keep the patrons of Lower Broadway safe.

You can follow the day-by-day building process on Amazon Prime's FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES build show, with a new episode airing every Thursday on Amazon Prime.

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