Blame It On All My Roots

In Episode 1, Garth explains his vision for Friends in Low Places.

Growing up in a house full of music and encouragement from his parents and siblings, Garth soon realized that doing music for a living wasn’t so far-fetched.  He describes playing honky-tonks in the early days of his career.

But why a honky-tonk on Lower Broad?  “I’ve seen music make friends out of enemies.  I’ve seen it put a bridge where no bridge could be built before, and I have to believe if hope has a voice, it sounds a lot like music.  That’s what we have to get in a little honky-tonk down in the middle of Music City.”

Episode 1 introduces Garth and Trisha’s partners in Friends in Low Places, Ben and Max Goldberg of Strategic Hospitality.  The brothers, who were born in Boston but grew up in Nashville, have carved their niche in the hospitality industry with creatively themed bars and chic restaurants throughout Music City.  When Garth met them, they were ready to sell the property they owned at 411 Broadway.

Episode 1 also introduces Jenny Deathridge Bratt, Chief of Staff at Strategic Hospitality; and Camille Tambunting, Chief Operating Officer.  Wearing many hats (including hard hats), Jenny and Camille are responsible for the design elements in FILP.

Bob Giese of RC Mathews Contractor and Garth’s personal contractor, Gary Birdwell, tackle the task of bringing Garth’s vision to reality while preserving the building’s history and structural integrity.

Another part of the building’s history is its colossal neon sign, which Garth inherited when he moved in.  Episode 1 includes a short history lesson on the sign from the creator of all the neon signs on Lower Broadway—Bobby Joslin of Joslin and Son Signs.  Even though the sign exceeds the size limitations now in place, it was grandfathered in because the vertical blade hung from the decades-old building before laws were passed.

"Hats off to Music City's historical society, codes, fire marshall, the mayor's office, NDOT, NES, etc..." says a grateful Brooks, "The stands they take everyday to make sure this city progresses while never compromising tradition, is a 'wire-walk' of courage and grace."

You can follow, the day-by-day building process on Amazon Prime's FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES build show with a new episode airing every Thursday on Amazon Prime.

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