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The Garth Brooks Stadium Tour

Las Vegas, NV

Garth Brooks plays first country concert at Allegiant Stadium

Las Vegas Review-Journal

By Jason Bracelin

The marching orders came early, starting the party like a match to the wick of an M-80. “Somebody’s gotta drink that beer,” Garth Brooks sang/howled during a show opening “All Day Long.” “Somebody’s got to get all rowdy/And raise some hell in here.”

And with that, the first country concert at Allegiant Stadium was off to a start as frothy as the head of one of said beers.

“Do you remember the old stuff?” Brooks bellowed by way of introducing the next song, early hit “Rodeo.” Rhetorical question, that.

The capacity crowd of 65,000 sang the following tune, “Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House,” loud enough to nearly drown out the band at times.

“Oh, you’re serious!” Brooks exclaimed afterward.

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