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South Bend, IN


Over 154,000 Tickets Sold For Two Record-Breaking Concerts, Three and a Half Years Apart

Garth Brooks has now played Notre Dame Stadium twice, the first two concerts ever held at the stadium, selling over 154,000 tickets.

Brooks' first concert at the stadium, held on October 20, 2018, sold out in under two hours and took place amid rain, snow, and temperatures in the 30s.  The concert was the inspiration for Brooks' Stadium Tour and was filmed for Garth: Live at Notre Dame! a CBS special that drew nearly ten million viewers.

Brooks fulfilled his promise to return to the hallowed sports venue on May 7, 2022.  Maggie Klaers of The Observer described the show, writing, "By far, my favorite parts of the concert were the moments with just Brooks and his guitar on stage, engaging directly with his fans. Stripped down to his roots, in these moments I could see Brooks’ pure love for music — and his job — shine through.  It’s so special to see how songs can intertwine into the lives of such a large group of people. The entire stadium was singing so loudly that I’m sure people in Michigan could hear."