Trisha Yearwood Celebrates 25 Years As An Opry Member
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Trisha Yearwood Celebrates 25 Years As An Opry Member

Trisha Yearwood celebrated her 25th anniversary as an Opry member Wednesday night at the Grand Ole Opry House, surrounded by an all-female cast of Opry members and friends.

"I have always said that when you're a little girl, and you dream about what you want to do, I always see myself on the Opry stage," Trisha said backstage before the show. “I always thought that was the be-all and end-all."

Porter Wagoner inducted Trisha into The Grand Ole Opry on March 15, 1999. He called her "the best singer I've ever heard." Trisha believes his faith in her led to her invitation to join the Opry family.

"He kept saying, 'We got to get Trisha Yearwood in here,'" she recalled. "So (celebrating 25 years) is really kind of overwhelming. I've had a weird day. I've been very … kind of anxiety-filled, and I think it's because it means so much, and I want to do well."

In addition to marking her 25th anniversary as an Opry member, Trisha also turned Wednesday night's Opry into a celebration of women for Women's History Month and a commemoration of '90s country.

Suzy Bogguss, Terri Clark, Pam Tillis, and more joined Trisha on the lineup. Backstage, she revealed that she, Clark, Bogguss and Tillis were part of a '90s country dinner club with Reba McEntire, who couldn't be there because she was filming "The Voice." The women didn't know each other well at the peak of their success because they were so busy but have recently formed a real friendship. When it came time to book the lineup for her 25th Opry Anniversary, they were the first people she thought of.

"I said, 'No pressure. We're friends, and I don't want you to feel like you wish you wouldn't have gone to dinner with me, but would you come and do this?'" Trisha shared. "And they all said yes. I'm so excited about singing with them tonight."

One of the evening's most touching moments came with another of Trisha’s close friends. She ceded the spotlight to artist, backup singer and beloved songwriter Karyn Rochelle.

Rochelle wrote Trisha's "Georgia Rain," and since Rochelle routinely sings with Trisha, she was already on stage. Trisha introduced her and explained that Rochelle was an incredibly talented singer and songwriter who had never sung solo on The Grand Ole Opry.

"There's nothing like hearing a song sung by the person who wrote the song," Trisha said, and the crowd cheered so loudly that the roar drowned out her voice.

Rochelle thanked her friend and launched into the third verse: "The screen door flappin' in the wind| Same old house I grew up in| Can't believe I'm back again."

The women finished the song in unison to a standing ovation.

Highlights of Trisha's 25th Anniversary will air on Saturday, March 30, as Opry Live. Fans can watch on the Opry Facebook and YouTube channels, stream free on the Circle Now app, or tune in via Circle Country digital streaming partners.

Photos credit: © Grand Ole Opry, photos by Chris Hollo

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