The Garth Channel is coming back – and fans can TuneIn to hear it.
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The Garth Channel is coming back – and fans can TuneIn to hear it.

"It's going to be bigger and better than ever," Brooks promised. "How, you say? It's going to be global, and it's going to be free."

TuneIn, the world's leader in live audio and home to Brooks' SEVENS Radio Network, revealed that The Garth Channel will relaunch on TuneIn for free this fall.  All fans have to do to hear it is download the TuneIn app. To get the latest news on The Garth Channel and be the first to listen, go to the TuneIn app or and "favorite" The Garth Channel.

Brooks predicted there would be more music, including his favorite artists across different genres and personal stories from life on the road.

"The Garth Channel has always been my music, my heroes, my favorites," Brooks said. "So, how do you make it better? You make it global for starters, so the whole world can see how much I LOVE music and where it comes from."

He continued: "More stories...from me and other artists. It seemed what people loved most on The Garth Channel were the stories. The new Garth Channel will now send out invitations for other artists to tell their stories behind the music and their careers."

To make it even more personal, The Garth Channel will broadcast from Brooks' new Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky-Tonk, which will have an opening kick-off concert on Black Friday.

"Some are calling the new channel, The Garth Channel 2.0. Truth is, it's the new Garth Channel 7.0," Brooks said.

The Garth Channel is Brooks' third station launched on TuneIn in partnership with the singer and the SEVENS Radio Network. The other two, The BIG 615 and Tailgate Radio, are on the air now.

"What Garth has brought to TuneIn is incredible," said Rich Stern, CEO of TuneIn. "What we have seen already in terms of listener engagement and excitement on The BIG 615 and Tailgate is remarkable. Simply put, people want as much Garth as they can have."

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