Tailgate Radio’s Maria Taylor: It’s a Boy!
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Tailgate Radio’s Maria Taylor: It’s a Boy!

Congrats to Tailgate Radio’s Maria Taylor, who ended 2023 in a big way – by becoming a first-time mom!

Maria gave birth over the holidays (on Christmas Eve) to her first child – a boy – announcing his arrival several days later. “My baby boy traveled and worked all across the country, and even overseas with me. He let me work all the way up until one week before he made his entrance into the world. And now I know my life will never be the same because I have given birth to my soulmate. I’m grounded in gratitude and filled with love for our Christmas Eve miracle. Motherhood is the greatest gift I’ve ever known,” she shared, while also recounting – as she’s done publicly before – what she admits was a “tumultuous journey to motherhood.”

“There were so many hard days and setbacks. Surgeries, shots, doctor’s appointments, egg retrievals, and transfers. But after all of that I was blessed with a healthy pregnancy,” she notes, adding, “Just know that if you are enduring a difficult journey to motherhood…it doesn’t have to be a straight line and all of the pain you feel today will be worth the joy your baby will bring you tomorrow. Try to keep your hopes high and the faith alive.”

Before she stepped away from the desk on Football Night in America, her Sunday Night Football and Big 10 college game crews surprised Maria with an emotional sendoff live on-air in late December. Referring to her as the “quarterback” of their team, they wished her all the best…as does her SEVENS Radio Network and Tailgate Radio families!

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