Retro “Ropin’ the Wind” T-Shirt Available at Friends in Low Places Store Starting March 7
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Retro “Ropin’ the Wind” T-Shirt Available at Friends in Low Places Store Starting March 7

As promised, Garth Brooks will roll out the first of ten vintage graphic t-shirts on March 7 to celebrate the grand opening of Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky-Tonk.  The first retro tee goes all the way back to 1991 and Ropin’ the Wind, with a shot of Garth in a black hat, black jeans, and a purple t-shirt under a black jacket.  The quantity of this classic re-issue is limited to 500--available exclusively at the FILP store at 411 Broadway—limit two shirts per customer.

“This shirt is the rarest that I have seen out there at concerts,” Garth says.  “I see some ‘Beaches of Cheyenne’ and some In Pieces shirts, but not a lot of the Ropin’ shirts.”

“Bev Parker, the photographer, had wanted to shoot me in a t-shirt, which I had never done and wasn't comfortable with. So she threw the jacket on me,” he recalls.

“What people do not remember was Ropin' was the son of No Fences. We were touring so hard that it was tough to find time to come in and make the album Ropin' the Wind. So some of the music we recorded but didn’t put on No Fences found its home on Ropin',” Garth explains.  “For example, ‘The River.’ We had it for the first two albums, but we just didn't feel that it fit either one.  But it fit perfectly on Ropin’.”

“A lot of the photography for Ropin’ was done for No Fences and never used,” he adds.  “The cover of Ropin' was shot shortly after the Fences shoot, and the background was stripped out to put the clouds behind it.”

Garth plans to roll out a different retro shirt on the first Monday of each month, from April through December.

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