Garth Brooks Relaunches Las Vegas Residency At Caesar's Palace
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Garth Brooks Relaunches Las Vegas Residency At Caesar's Palace

Garth Brooks will be working with a full house in Las Vegas this week when he returns to The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace to launch the 2024 leg of his Sin City residency.

“People, rus-ty, rus-ty,” Garth quipped during his Monday episode of Inside Studio G. Think about it. What have we done since the last time we played? Really, nothing,” he laughed. We built a bar and did a TV show.”

Garth Brooks/Plus ONE opens on Thursday and offers more than 35 opportunities to see Garth before it closes for the year on December 22.

“It’s been fabulous!” Garth said. “Everybody at Caesars Palace – it’s just been a dream. The crowds have been the best crowds I’ve ever got to play for! I know that’s crazy, but it’s just…it’s just unbelievable. And you talk about a great sounding room to focus on the music in – it’s perfect. It’s the best of all things, man. I’ll put a stadium show up against it…I’ll put a dive bar up against it…arena show…one-man show – doesn’t matter.”

Because cell phones are not allowed during the show, Garth said there might even be something special for Trisha Yearwood fans. And, he thinks it might make her nervous.

“What I’m about to ask Ms. Yearwood is going to terrify her,” Garth said. “Since there are no phones in Vegas, I’m going to ask her if she wants to do some of her other original stuff. It’s a great testing ground, and they will eat it up.’

Garth said his bride is a good songwriter who is destined to be a great songwriter—building the skill just takes practice. Since Trisha co-wrote all the songs on her upcoming album, she’s recently gotten plenty of practice. Her proud husband can’t wait for fans to hear her songs.

“She doesn’t know how good she is, but she’s got three or four songs that will blow you away,” Garth said. “Vegas might be the perfect place to try them out.”

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