Garth Brooks Looks Back . . . and Ahead!
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Garth Brooks Looks Back . . . and Ahead!

As 2023 draws to a close – and the start of 2024 draws near – Garth Brooks…like so many of us…is reflecting on the year gone by. But he’s doing so with an eye toward the new year, too!

“I can’t believe this year is already gone!” he admits. “It’s just nuts how time flies, but this has definitely been the busiest year since coming out of retirement.”

“Busiest” is an understatement. In the past 12 months, Garth launched his Las Vegas residency to rave reviews and sellout audiences…released new music (the single, “Rodeo Man”…his album, Time Traveler…and a new Limited Series box set)…oversaw ongoing renovations and opened his Friends in Low Places Bar and Honky-Tonk in Nashville…wielded a hammer for a week with Habitat for Humanity…played the Superdome for the first time in his career to kick off college football season…co-hosted an awards show (the ACMs) for the first time in his career…and finished the work on his first-ever tattoo. And that’s just a partial list!

So – what does the new year hold for the entertainer? Apparently even more! “I’m going to tell you right now, I think [2023] stands a great chance to come in a far second as opposed to how busy 2024 is going to be for us.” Sounds like Garth’s New Year’s resolution has already been made!

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