Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky-Tonk Offers Rooftop All-Weather Oasis – With A Pina Colada Bar
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Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky-Tonk Offers Rooftop All-Weather Oasis – With A Pina Colada Bar

The Oasis isn't "down" at Garth Brooks' new Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky-Tonk on Nashville's Lower Broadway as the song suggests – it's up!

Brooks topped his three-story, 54,715 square-foot dining and entertainment space with a year-round rooftop bar called The Oasis. The area is outfitted with towering palm trees and has space for a live band. There are rocking chairs and space heaters for when the weather gets cold. And bartenders will pour signature pina coladas near a little chicken shack that serves the best tenders in Music City.

"The Oasis is what you want it to be," Brooks says. "It's outdoor, so you'll have sound coming from everywhere, but it's also walled in. So you get the outdoor space with the protection of the walls. You get to hear your own kind of music. The Oasis is fantastic because you can soak up the sun if you want to. You can be inside if you want to. It's the best of all worlds."

Jenny Deathridge of Strategic Hospitality, the company bringing to life Garth’s vision for Friends In Low Places, called The Oasis an "immersive experience."

"You're in the song 'Two Pina Coladas,'" she says. "You're up there singing, dancing with your buddies, and it's like you're playing out Garth Brooks’ song in real-time, hopefully holding two pina coladas in your hand."

Strategic Hospitality's Benjamin Goldberg says The Oasis also has "the best views in Nashville."

"You have this voyeuristic view of Lower Broadway and this really fun kind of beachy feeling party environment knowing that you're in a safe space in Garth and Trisha's bar that just didn’t exist until now," Goldberg adds.

For Brooks, the secret sauce comes from being able to enjoy it all outside.

"I think there's something about being outside that just kind of gives your inner space joy," he says. "When that inner space is feeling that joy, it's real open to music. These people come here with dreams, and it's so neat to be a part of it as a fan. And that's the cool thing that I get to be -- I get to be an artist, and I get to be a fan."

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