Man Against Machine

Man Against Machine



  • Studio: Jack's Tracks Recording Studios
  • Length: 57:43
  • Label: RCA Nashville | Pearl
  • Producer: Mark Miller

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Released November 2014

Garth released his eagerly awaited ninth studio album, MAN AGAINST MACHINE, in 2014. It was his first studio record in 13 years, and The New York Times said of his return, “He is beholden to no one place or style, an upsetter of norms before, and an upsetter of norms now.”

Fueled by the powerful message of the first single, “People Loving People,” the album also included “Mom,” the tender tribute to motherhood that he debuted on Good Morning America; and the patriotic “All-American Kid,” an unforgettable part of the 50 th Annual ACM Awards in 2015. Garth penned the title track, which became his tour opener, and said, “It’s a remarkable feeling to be making music again. I guess I really didn’t realize how much I missed it!”

MAN AGAINST MACHINE was the first of Garth’s albums available for digital purchase, in addition to CD.

1. Man Against Machine 5:17

2. She's Tired Of Boys 5:08

3. Cold Like That 5:06

4. All-American Kid 4:27

5. Mom 4:03

6. Wrong About You 1:56

7. Rodeo And Juliet 2:25

8. Midnight Train 5:20

9. Cowboys Forever 3:47

10. People Loving People 3:39

11. Send 'Em On Down The Road 4:15

12. Fish 4:36

13. You Wreck Me 4:05

14. Tacoma 3:47