• Studio: Jack's Tracks Recording Studios
  • Length: 35:04
  • Label: Pearl
  • Producer: Mark Miller
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Released November 2016

GUNSLINGER is Garth’s 11th studio album, available first as part of Garth Brooks: The Ultimate Collection, the set which became his 17th #1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart. The Ultimate Collection was a Target exclusive 10-disc box set released during his 3-year, record-breaking world tour with Trisha Yearwood.

Garth came up with the GUNSLINGER title when he was asked about his favorite part of being on the road. “It just feels good to be out there being a gunslinger again,” he said. “Just aiming with the heart and shooting from the hip, that's what you do on the stage, right?”

GUNSLINGER was launched by the freewheeling first single, “Baby Let’s Lay Down and Dance,” which Garth wrote with Steve Dorff and long-time collaborators Kent Blazy, Victoria Shaw, and the late Kim Williams. GUNSLINGER was also loaded with “Ask Me How I Know,” Garth’s 20th chart-topping country single, written by Mitch Rossell. Scoring a #1 in 2017 further distinguished Garth’s chart success by giving him #1 singles in four consecutive decades.

“Baby Let’s Lay Down and Dance”
“Ask Me How I Know” - #1 Billboard country single

1. Honky-Tonk Somewhere 2:25

2. Weekend 2:40

3. Ask Me How I Know 3:31

4. Baby, Let's Lay Down And Dance 3:10

5. He Really Loves You 4:00

6. Pure Adrenaline 3:49

7. Whiskey To Wine 4:12

8. Bang! Bang! 3:12

9. Cowboys And Friends 3:15

10. 8Teen 4:50