Fresh Horses

Fresh Horses



  • Studio: Jack's Tracks Recording Studios
  • Length: 38:13
  • Label: Capitol Nashville
  • Producer: Allen Reynolds
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Released November 1995

FRESH HORSES – RIAA certified for over eight million copies sold, FRESH HORSES had the biggest first-week sales of any previous Garth album, nearly half a million copies, and it debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Country Albums chart. This unique collection delivered two more Billboard #1 singles including “She’s Every Woman” and “The Beaches of Cheyenne.”

At the time of its release, FRESH HORSES was Garth’s  first studio album in two years—a rebellious romp that broke musical boundaries that he’d already stretched to their limits. After the first week of its release, eight of the ten songs on the album appeared on the country singles chart . . . another first in music history. FRESH HORSES runs the gamut from the tender “She’s Every Woman” and “That Ol’ Wind” to the haunting strains of “The Beaches of Cheyenne;” from the soulful anthem “The Change” to the free-wheeling “It’s Midnight Cinderella” and Garth’s take on Aerosmith’s “The Fever.”

*“She’s Every Woman”
*“The Beaches of Cheyenne”
“That Ol’ Wind”
“It’s Midnight Cinderella”
“The Fever”
“The Change”

*Billboard #1 country single

“The Change”

RIAA certified for sales in excess of seven million units

1. The Old Stuff 4:12

2. Cowboys And Angels 3:16

3. The Fever 2:40

4. That Ol' Wind 5:22

5. Rollin' 4:04

6. The Change 4:06

7. The Beaches Of Cheyenne 4:12

8. It's Midnight Cinderella 2:22

9. She's Every Woman 2:53

10. Ireland 5:01